Friday, November 24, 2006


Video: Onto Distro (Vancouver, Canada) and Speaceman (Belgrade, Serbia) wishing everyone a happy American Thanksgiving. Canadians have already had their holiday and Serbians do not celebrate Thanksgiving at all but we were in a festive mood despite having no real connection to the holiday except perhaps a virtual connection...hee hee!

Hello there, bloggers!

If you cannot see the embedded video above, click on the direct link here.

Here is our American Thanksgiving Greeting recorded just a couple of hours before this blog was posted. Speaceman aka. Goran was a very friendly and chatty fellow who told me all his stories of the conflict that happened with Serbia in the tragically recent past. I hope he stays in touch with me as I would love to know more about life and the contemporary art scene in Belgrade!

Also, I wish to extend my formal thanks to the Techworlds avatar chat community for creating this room and for allowing us to exist!

Onto Distro.


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Nothing green on the table and cranberries in a jelly roll? Is this the 'American way'? Lol.

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